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About Gary

Gary Lisbon has been an accomplished Melbourne, Australia -based golf-course photographer for almost two decades.

His photographic goal is clear-cut: to capture the essence of the golfing landscape and the spirit of the game — through the medium of his camera.

With an appreciation for the game's traditions, and a genuine love of the playing aspect, Gary brings a golfer's perspective to his photography, ably demonstrated by the spectacular and enduring images from many of the world's top golf courses.

Having grown up in Melbourne, Australia, in the middle of its world-famous Melbourne 'Sandbelt' region, Gary's golfing environment provides ample opportunity to practise his photographic skills. Previously a pennant player with a low, single-figure handicap, he now plays from a single figure handicap at a Melbourne Sandbelt golf club. A long-time panelist and World Top-100 course-rater for the illustrious Golf Magazine, Gary's images have graced the pages of the golf industry's premier magazines.

An early riser by choice – also a vocational requirement – Gary's patience is reflected in his collection of attractive images, which celebrate the striking yet ever-changing mood of golf courses around the world.

Married to Maureen, with three gorgeous daughters, Alex, Danielle and Grace, Gary is a committed Christian and devoted family man. He thanks God for, among many things, the ability to inspire golfers with his appealing photographs.

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